【290th Regular Meeting Report】

The regular meeting was the club’s first hybrid meeting where some participants gathered at Aoyama Life Long Learning Hall and others joined online via Zoom. We had two experienced speakers including one guest speaker. The first speech was a copy speech of ‘Ding Dong’ by Kwong Yue Yang. The speech was well prepared and it reminded club members of the importance of learning from successful speeches.

The second speech instead was delivered by our guest. By making references to Joe Biden’s life, he taught us a very important lesson about not giving up in life. This was a very powerful speech.

We had a very interesting table topics session where the Topicmaster picked some questions from a TOEIC book! “Would you save your money or spend it now?”, “Are you a quick decision-maker or do you like taking time before making decisions?”. These are just some of the questions that came up and provided us with excellent opportunities for practicing our quick speeches.

Our next Japanese meeting will be on 5th December and the English meeting will be held on 19th December. If you are looking to improve your speech skills in English and/or Japanese please join us at one of our next sessions!

【290th Regular Meeting Report】

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