231st Regular Meeting (21 July 2018) Report

231st Regular Meeting (21 July 2018) Report

Each section was well organized and had colorful contents. The meeting started with the word of the day by TM MW in Japanese. Her word choice was great because she told the true meaning of the word which everyone didn’t know. In the table topic session, TM NN asked questions to audience arousing their imagination and feelings. Though we had less speeches than usual, some of them delivered Pathway speeches which is a new education program!!

TM TO served as TMOD (the chairperson) for the first time and the meeting was done successfully by him with everyone’s support! We had a great time with 4 guests and it was a formidable meeting!!


It’s been a hot, humid, and melting summer. Please take care of yourself!!

For those interested in our activities, please feel free to reach us from “Contact” (http://omotesando-tmc.org/wp/contact/) on our website! We are looking forward to your visit.







231st Regular Meeting (21 July 2018) Report