197th Regular Meeting(18 Mar, 2017) Report




In addition to the regular programs (prepared speech, impromptu speech and evaluation),we also had speech practices for contestants of the speech contestant. During the time for providing feedback, opinions from various viewpoints were exchanged from all the participants in a serious manner to make the speeches more sophisticated. Dear Contestants, we’re sure you can do it!

The discussion was heated, but it was disappointed that we could not care about time management. We had to skip a one of scheduled agenda items, the Table Topics, because of overrunning the schedule. It would be better that not only a meeting chair (TMOD) and timekeeper, but also every member could pay attention and cooperate each other to progress on time.

In Omotesando BTMC, members can learn and develop various communication/speaking skills with encouraging each other. Please come see our meetings!



197th Regular Meeting(18 Mar, 2017) Report