217th Regular Meeting (6 January 2018) Report



例会のメインである準備スピーチは3本。KTさんの「意識が低い人向きの自己啓発」。OYさんの「Departure」。そしてEIさんの「Nobody’s Fool」。いずれも聞き応えのある内容で楽しめました。即興力を鍛えるテーブルトピックスのセッションでは、今日の言葉「Spark」を巧みに取り入れた質問などOYさんがリードしてくれました。準備スピーカーの成長のカギを握る論評セッション。具体的な改善指摘が受けられるのはお互いの信頼関係のおかげですね。


217th Regular Meeting (6 January 2018) Report

The first meeting in 2018 was successfully done on January 6th. TM KI powerfully led this meeting as Toastmaster of the Day. This time, we interchanged language (Japanese and English) throughout the meeting, because we had a special presentation about conference preparation by TM KA, the 2018 Spring Conference chair.

All three prepared speakers; TM KT, TM OY and TM EI presented high quality speeches. Table Topics session was led by TM OY. We enjoyed his unique topics. Some of them were related to Word of the Day “Spark.”

In the evaluation session, speakers got positive feedbacks from evaluators. This system is based on relationship of mutual trust among members. Although it was more compact than usual, I’m glad that we had a superb quality meeting as always.

217th Regular Meeting (6 January 2018) Report