219th Regular Meeting (3 February 2018) Report

219th Regular Meeting (3 February 2018) Report

We had a very active and productive meeting, as the meeting room was almost filled up with members and guests. 2 new members joined our club. 1 member delivered the first speech as a Toastmaster. His great sense of humor stole hearts of all of us in the audience!

All prepared speeches attracted the audience. But, for many of them, the main messages were vague, because speakers threw in too many episodes not directly relevant to the key ideas. Also, half of the speakers went over time. Let us try to simplify the structure of the speech, which will in turn reduce the time!

For those interested in our activities, please feel free to reach us from “Contact” (http://omotesando-tmc.org/wp/contact/) on our website! We are looking forward to your visit.





219th Regular Meeting (3 February 2018) Report