224th Regular Meeting (7 April 2018) Report













224th Regular Meeting (7 April 2018) Report

In the meeting, we conducted an Induction Ceremony for a new member. Congratulations!


The most impressive thing in the meeting was that all helpers were committed more than ever! Since helpers’ roles are simple, it is difficult to show creativity or commitment in the roles. However, all helpers were so unique and creative (well detailed introduction and report!)


Regarding to Table Topics section, clear, simple but also challenging topics were prepared in both English and Japanese parts.


Regarding to Evaluation section, every evaluator clearly suggested good and improving points. Especially, TM DH showed amazing techniques to encourage the speaker and suggest improving points at the same time. That was awesome!


People in our club are all very friendly. Please feel free to come and visit our club!

224th Regular Meeting (7 April 2018) Report