309th Meeting Report!!

Good evening everyone! This is 309th Meeting Report!! The harvest moon was beautiful yesterday! The 309th regular meeting was as wonderful as the moon. First is Ms. S’s entrance ceremony. Ms. S, who has been toured three times so far, has joined! I look forward to your future success. I think she is a wonderful member, including her high willingness to participate!

The second is the table topic. Mr. S’s themes were tall tale stories. He gave 1.5 minutes to think! It was a very difficult subject, but everyone was able to answer. Great job and wonderful topics!!

Last but not least, I thought it would be a wonderful meeting with guests and new members, despite the small number of people each time. We are still looking forward to guest participation. Please apply from the link below!!


Facebook page⇓ This report, 309th Regular Meeting Report is also written!


309th Meeting Report!!