209th regular meeting (2 September 2017) report





It was a really fruitful meeting with 4 prepared speeches, table topics sessions and evaluations.  Especially, all the members were overwhelmed by a wonderful and well-prepared Ice Breaker speech by a new member. Guests also had opportunities to challenge impromptu speeches and one of them won the best Table Topic Speaker award. The meeting was fun and meaningful for all attendees including guests.

The term “Chutzpah” was introduced as the “word of the day” in English, which should be actively used during the meeting. For Japanese, the term seemed not familiar and a bit difficult to be used. Regardless of having enough pronunciation practice, unfortunately no one used it in speeches. We learned that even if the word is challenging, it is important to use it proactively for our practice.

In Omotesando BTMC, members can learn and develop various communication/speaking skills in both English and Japanese by encouraging each other. Please come see our meetings!

209th regular meeting (2 September 2017) report