【301st Regular Meeting Report】

On 15th May 2021, we hosted our 301st club meeting. This was a fully online meeting given the extended State of Emergency in Tokyo. At the start of the meeting with had the pleasure of welcoming a new club member, TM W. Induction ceremonies at Toastmasters are always great occasions for celebrating new members’ commitment towards public speaking and leadership. We are confident that TM W’s years of experience will be invaluable for our club and we are thrilled to have him as a regular member.

The word of the day was provided by today’s guest, Mr. K. and the word choice was ‘optimal’.
TM O delivered his prepared speech in Japanese and touched upon a very important topic. In prepared speeches, sometimes speakers tend to emphasize gestures and vocal variety which might result in an interesting speech for the listener but might also risk coming across as unnatural and forced. TM O shared his experience as he tried these techniques in speech contents and how he encountered this problem. In his speech, TM O shared some useful tips in delivering natural and persuasive speeches.

The table topics were hosted by TM A who came up with a set of interesting topics such as love, money, friendship, time, etc. The table topics session was won by TM S who spoke about how he would spend his time if he had a free month. In the allocated 2-3minutes, TM S spoke about his recent interest about meditation.

The meeting would have not been successful without the excellent hosting skills of TMOD M who planned and executed a flawless meeting. Our upcoming meeting is scheduled to take place on 5th June; we are considering a hybrid meeting or a fully online meeting depending on the COVID situation in Tokyo.

【301st Regular Meeting Report】