【297th Meeting Report 2021.2.06】

This was a regular meeting in English which took place at Aoyama Lifelong Learning Hall. After a number of ZOOM meetings, club members were excited to be able to attend a face-to-face meeting.

TMOD was TM M. Today were joined by guest G who was a member of Omotesando Bilingual TMC 10 years ago.

We had one prepared speech from TM A who delivered a speech titled “GOLD”. In addition to connecting with the audience, the speech was an interesting story about TM A’s experience in investing in precious metals at a young age.

The Topic Master was TM O who asked questions relating to seasons. The questions were deceptively hard and put follow Toastmaster’s ability to improvise to the test.

Overall, it was another great session, and all participants had the opportunity to practice their public speaking skills!Our upcoming meetings will also be in person, please feel free to join us!

Japanese meeting
March 20th,14:00-15:30 ありすいきいきプラザ

【297th Meeting Report 2021.2.06】

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