【299th Regular Meeting Report】

On 3rd April 2021, we had our 299th regular meeting at Arisu Iki-iki Plaza, in Hiroo and we were delighted to welcome two guests.

Following our last wafu themed meeting, we had a bit of a change in scenery. Attendees had the chance to “cook up” their speeches.

The club’s traditional “good and new” session allowed participants to warm up by sharing interesting events that happened within the last 24 hours. The prepared speech was delivered by TM S who spoke about the recent news relating to Archegos Capital Management and related this to his own investing experience. TM M covered the table topics session, and the theme was about school; impromptu questions such as favourite school subjects, school and teacher put participants on the spot and presented them with good opportunities to practice their public speaking skills. TM A deservedly won this session by talking about her favourite school subject and by delivering a short but inspiring speech about the importance of perseverance in life. The evaluation for the prepared speech was given by TM O who gave some very helpful tips regarding the importance narrowing down the speech to focus on the key message.

Our upcoming meeting will be held again at Arisu Iki-iki Plaza on 17th April from 14:00 to 15:30, and it will be a hybrid (onsite + remote) meeting in Japanese. This will be our 300th regular meeting so this will be a very important event for our club. If you are free, please come and join! Thank you for reading and back to you contest chair!

【299th Regular Meeting Report】