315th Meeting Report!!

Hello everyone!! I’m Taishi Oda, the vice president public relations in Omotesando Bilingual TMC. I would like to report the contents of the 315th regular meeting.

The charm of this regular meeting was just real! It’s been a while since we had a complete on-site meeting, so we didn’t need to prepare for Zoom! The meeting itself went smoothly.

Moreover, because each session was completed in a short time, we were able to afford to accommodate a guest. I think TM TA, TMOD gave a sufficient explanation of the role to TM MK.

In the prepared speech session, TM TO gave a heartwarming story about Christmas. All people were impressed with his story. There is an atmosphere that we can only experience at the venue!

We also run FB page. Let’s click this link!! ⇒https://www.facebook.com/omotesando.builingual.tmc

315th Meeting Report!!