328th Meeting Report!!

Today was the first meeting of our new Club Officer Term. We were honoured to invite our new Area Director, TM CS who installed new club officers. She also gave an inspiring speech about her Toastmasters journey at the beginning of the meeting. Throughout the online installation ceremony, officers pretended to pass around virtually the ‘gavel’ a very important symbol in Toastmasters, symbol of the commitment and responsibilities that new officers will be taking over in serving the club.

The club was also delighted to add a new member as HO-san or we should call him now TM HO, expressed his interest in joining us! We will be conducting his induction ceremony at our next regular meeting on 16th July.

This was also the first meeting for TM YS to take the Toastmaster of the Day role and she did a fabulous job. In addition to the friendly and warm facilitation, all attendees were impressed by her time keeping skills as the meeting ended exactly on time (not a minute earlier or a minute later!). The table topics session was lead by TM MK who prepared a wide range of topics, some relating to this hot excruciating weather, others relating to members pretending to be politicians.
No meeting would be complete without a good evaluation session, TM KK who took the evaluator role for the first time smoothly facilitated this portion.

Our prepared speaker for the day was TM SS who completed his level 3 of Engaging Humour speech about keeping notes of his feelings and moods. TM SS shared his experience from his previous job; TM SM was the evaluator and as usual her remarks, especially advice regarding improvement points were all spot on!

Special thanks to our new guest JK-san, we look forward to seeing you at future meetings!

We are planning on hosting our next meeting on 16th July from 14:00 – 16:00. If you are interested in joining please do not hesitate to contact us, see you at the next meeting!

328th Meeting Report!!