337th Meeting Report (Special Halloween Meeting with Minami Aoyama Business TMC)

Hello Readers. On 29th Oct, we had a special joint Halloween Meeting with our ‘sister club’ Minami Aoyama Business (MAB) TMC. Both club members gathered at Aoyama Life Learning Hall and a few members also joined us online.

TM AK from MAB called the meeting to order at 10:00 sharp and we started with the guest intro. We were honoured to welcome our area J-4 director TM CS as a special guest. the Toastmaster of the Day was OB TMC’s president, TM SM who facilitated the joint event in a very smooth manner. The word of the day was ‘nonetheless’ which was introduced by TM SI. TM RK from MAB TMC gave a beautiful speech about parenting leave and GDP, a speech which made use of great visuals. TM RK and AK from MAB shared some wonderful news as they will experience the beauty of parenting.

The second speaker was TM CS who delivered a speech titled ‘On or Off’ the speech made excellent use of vocal variety and body gestures. On-site participants were all enthusiastic to hear such a powerful speech in person.

TM HO took the role of Spooky Table Topics Master and came up with 8 excellent prompts. TM SS was the general evaluator and called upon the help of TM AK who evaluated TM SH’s speech. TM AK has been practicing for the area contest and his high quality evaluation incorporated all of the best practices of a strong evaluation. TM MK evaluated TM RK’s speech and she also provided excellent remarks and good improvement points.

Since a picture is worth 1000 words, for this special meeting we created the following video, enjoy and see you at the next meeting!

Special Joint Halloween Meeting between Omotesando Bilingual (OB) TMC and Minami Aoyama Business (MAB) TMC
337th Meeting Report (Special Halloween Meeting with Minami Aoyama Business TMC)