343rd Meeting Report

We had another great turnout for our 343rd meeting. The club had the pleasure of welcoming 6 guests and enjoyed 3 wonderful prepared speeches!!!! Contest season is around the corner and it was very inspiring hearing the contest practice speeches. Good luck!

The word of the day was “Panache” which was introduced by TM MY. TM HO took the Toastmaster of the Day role and moderated the meeting in a very smooth manner, well done HO-san! TM MK shared her speech titled “Motivation for learning languages” which was very suitable for a bilingual club like Omotesando Bilingual TMC. 

TM TK took the Timer role and today’s Ah Counter was our new member TM HN, thank you both for your very diligent reports and contribution to our meeting. 

Our Table Topics Master was replaced by AI as TM Chat GPT took over the session (please refer to the video for some of the prompts which were presented to us). Lastly, our President TM SM as the General Evaluator did a great job in summarizing the whole meeting and in identifying suitable improvement points. 

Our next meeting will be hosted on 4th February and the next meeting will be in Japanese, if you are interested in learning more about our club, please do not hesitate to get in touch, see you at our next meeting!

343rd Meeting Report