349th Meeting Report

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On a rainy day of April, all members gathered at Aoyama Life Learning to enjoy the 349th meeting. The meeting started with the induction ceremony of our newest member, MY. TM MY, welcome to our club!

Our Toastmaster of the Day was TM MK who facilitated another great meeting. We had the pleasure of listening to two prepared speeches:

TM SK delivered his inspiring speech about how despite being told that his dream would not come true, he kept trying hard and defied the odds. Thanks to his perseverance, he is now living in Japan and a valued member of our club.

TM MK delivered a speech title “Mr. Ubiquitous” a beautiful story of how he lived and worked in different places around the world. It was a speech that allowed us to learn a lot about our new club member.

The word of the day was “rain”, a tribute to bad the weather but TM SS also introduced the expression “braving the elements” to commend all club members who came to join this meeting despite the awful weather.

The table topics session was handled by TM SI who shared the following prompts:

(1) What is your favourite way of spending Golden Week that people might not know about?
A: favourite lego set.

(2) How do you exercise on a rainy day?
A: go to the gym!

(3) How do you like to avoid the Golden Week Traffic jam?
A: Don’t go anywhere stay at home and watch TV.

(4) Fun way of enjoying Golden Week?
A: Travelling with my imagination.

(5) Surprising event that happened during your vacation?
A: US Travel and vaccination certificate issue but luckily a disaster was avoided!

(6) Golden week memory.
A: bargain uni dons at 300 yen!

(7) Pick any question from 1-6
A: exercise every day at 8:00AM

We had a very inclusive table topics where we listened to 7 impromptu speeches.

Our best speaker was TM SK and our best evaluator and best table topics speaker was TM HK, congratulations to our award winners.

Our next meeting will be held on 29th April and the session will be in Japanese. Guests are very welcome to join and club members look forward to welcoming you at our next meeting. Thank you for reading!

Video Meeting Report
349th Meeting Report
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