350th Meeting Report

On a beautiful sunny day, we enjoyed another successful meeting. Our regular venue in Omotesando was closed today so instead we held our meeting in Shinbashi. The meeting room had that retro back to school vibe.

It was an exciting meeting where many new members challenged taking new roles. It was TM HN’s first time taking the Toastmaster of the Day role, a role that he handled very smoothly by creating a very warm meeting atmosphere.

TM SK took the role of evaluator and also did a great job in commending the strong points of TM YS’s excellent speech. Her speech had a beautiful message “enjoy the moment”; this is something very relevant in our society as we aim to achieve our goals, we sometimes forget to be happy with our journey. Great speech! The second speech was by TM TK, a speech titled “Digital Detox” which is also another extremely relevant topic; although we are reaping a lot of benefits from our smartphones, there are also a lot of scary downsides. The speech was full of interesting facts and raised awareness about the damage that we can do to ourselves by staying glued to our devices. Why not try a digital detox during golden week?

Another highlight of the meeting was the Table Topics Session which was hosted by TM SM. We were hired as travel agents and we were given the opportunity to present our travel plan for golden week. It was a session that really made me want to go travelling!

After the meeting, we wondered around Shinbashi to find a valid substitute for our usual pizza place in Omotesando and we came across a Kushikatsu place which served Russian Roulette Takoyakis. We were served what looked like seemingly normal takoyaki’s but the only problem was that a few had a secret additional ingredient, an extremely spicy Devil/Death Sauce added to it. As shown in the video, members were put to the test and no one escaped unscathed.

Meeting Report Video – members enjoyed a game of Russian Roulette Takoyaki
350th Meeting Report