339th Meeting Report!!

Hello Readers, on 19th Nov we held yet another successful meeting. This time the meeting was fully in person and it was hosted at a new venue in Mita (the usual venue was fully booked, however President TM M was able to secure a very elegant and modern venue for our meeting with a nice view!).

We had the pleasure of welcoming two honorable guests and it was also TM O’s time taking the Toastmaster of the Day role. Nevertheless, he did an excellent job and facilitated the meeting in an extremely smooth manner. TM S picked the word of the day which was ‘articulate’, a great choice as numerous members were able to effectively use this word throughout the meeting. She also delivered a speech titled “18/6” relating to the Intermittent Fasting technique; her speeches always contain very interesting and insightful information relating to good health and this speech was no exception. TM I kindly took the role of Grammarian and did an amazing job in picking up good uses of grammar during the meeting. TM S took the role of table topics master and asked some questions relating to Black Friday sales times with visual prompts. All table topics speakers did very well in coming up with interesting and creative responses for tricky prompts. TM M and TM MK were joint winners for the table topics portion. Congratulations!!
TM TK was impeccable with his Timer role and also delivered a good table topics speech relating to programming. Lastly, our club president TM M nicely summarized the meeting and smoothly facilitated the General Evaluation portion.

Our next meeting will take place on 3rd December and guests are very welcome. The meeting this time will be held at our usual venue, “Aoyama Life Learning Hall”, hope to see you there and enjoy our meeting video report.

Meeting’s Video Report
339th Meeting Report!!